Jerusalem House of Quality is a center for creating and showcasing unique Jerusalem art. The building was built by the Order of St. John of Scotland. It features a courtyard built in the style of an Arab khan (travelers inn), crests of Scottish nobility, an Armenian ceramics room, and a copy of a 2,700-year-old silver scroll that was found near the House containing a Priestly Blessing in ancient Hebrew script.
Fascinating tours focusing on Jerusalem history and unique Jerusalem arts and crafts.
The tours include:
Crests of Scottish nobility
Armenian ceramics room
One of a kind artistic creations
Meeting leading Jerusalem artisans in their workshops
Guided lookout over the landscape of the Old City walls and Yemin Moshe neighborhood.
At the center of the House's activity are nearly two dozen unique artists workshops, producing Judaica, jewelry, ceramics, mosaic art, glassware, copper and creative enamel. You can sign up for a crafts experience in the workshops.
The Jerusalem House of Quality's areas and spaces can be used for seminars and lectures. Catering services are available on-site. We can tailor the experience to fit your needs and requirements.
Take advantage of:
A lecture hall
Fun days and seminars for companies and workers committees
Kosher (mehadrin) catering
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